Friday, 29 August 2008

Quality of Vibration

Further to my last post about Gratitude I thought I'd write a bit further about the Law of Attraction, and my own experience of how the quality of your vibration is really key in getting good results...

As SKY commented on my last post, whatever you are putting out there in terms of your vibration pretty quickly starts to show up in every area of your life.

For example, last week I was on holiday in the Algarve, reading Esther Hick's book Ask and It Is Given, enjoying every moment of the beautiful sunshine, the kids having fun playing on the beach, eating delicious food and generally vibrating in a place of joy, positivity and empowerment.

I then came back home to 400 emails full of great wonderful stuff - new opportunities, fan mail from America (Dragons' Den has just started airing there), lovely thank you emails from people who'd read my book Business Nightmares, various invites to speak at business events plus some nice cheques in the bundle of post.

Then this week we took the kids to London and had a very stressy, angst filled couple of days... Returned home and next day had a visit from a business acquantaince (who I thought was popping by for a coffee and a catch-up) who was incredibly negative and nasty to me (her own energy soured by various events in her life) - to the extent that I ended up asking her to leave my home. (By the way, this is someone who constantly puts out requests for more money but is constantly penniless and scrimping, because the money never seems to manifest.)

Plus various irritating emails and negative blog comments also showed up on the same day.

Luckily I was conscious of what was going on - I had allowed my personal energy to slip and so had attracted the negativity, which was sucking me further down the spiral - and immediately started to restore my equilibrium by focussing on positive things. And today has already been 1000% times better than yesterday!

The point I am making is that whatever frequency you vibrate at will attract things with a similar frequency into your life. Therefore the simple act of trying to stay positive (even in the face of hatchet faced bitches arriving on your doorstep!!!) works wonders to attract wonderful things into your life.

The more consistent and stronger your vibration, the faster the energy will flow - and the better the results will be, especially as they build over time.

I'm still working on it (you may have noticed I do still get a little angry when people piss me off) - but I will know I have been totally successful at this when I no longer attract any negative comments on my Blog !!!

Have yourself a great weekend!


TheDLOG said...

One good thing out of this, at least we/I know when we/I have pissed you off!!


TheDLOG said...

oh, almost forgot, lend us a fiver heehee!!

Anonymous said...

I agree that positivity generates positivity. However, lets hope that the 'hatchet faced bitch' doesn't read your blog or I fear the opposite will also occur!

Here's to those good vibrations...!


Rachel Elnaugh said...

Actually, I'm rather hoping she does!

Look, we can't all be Mother Teresa...

Anonymous said...

True. I'd look terrible in a nun's habit anyway but I'd be prepared to give it a go if I thought I could acquire Mother T's renowned patience (something I sorely lack).

Anyway, I'm feeling distinctly positive today as I have just entered some radishes and lettuce in the village show and as I was the only entry in each class I think I stand a chance of a prize!


Stephen said...

I don't know about this positivism thing. I've seen people being extremely positive and still finding themself in dark alleyways.

You know...they flit around being positive, but actually accumulate nothing.

You can just as easily frash around in the light as in the dark.

Most people chase rainbows that just aint there.

There are no shortcuts to improving your vibration.

You are what you are. The vibration is as it is.

It is at the point you get your vibration right, that life throws up another challenge and puts it all out of line for a while.

We should learn to be in control at the same time as appreciating that we are effectively NOT IN CONTROL.

Sky said...

I think being positive and actually 'feeling' positive are different things. For this to work, you really need to 'feel' and believe.

As Stephens says anyone can easily 'flit around being positive, but accumulate nothing'. You not only need to be positive you actually need to 'feel' it too! Only then can great things can accumulate.

If you can find something that inspires you and actually 'feel' and believe in it then great things can and will happen. Muse.

Rachel Elnaugh said...


I think Sky is right, the FEELING is much more important than any words... For example, if you set an intent for more money when your vibration is actually one of debt and worry about how to pay your bills, then you are much more likely to attract more debt than a huge sum of cash.

There is also a big part of the Law of Attraction which is called the 'Art of Allowing' and this comes down to your individual belief systems.

For example, I sat next to a woman at a lunch event recently who was telling me that her business was a real struggle, she was working all the hours God sent to keep her head above water and couldn't see any way out of her predicament apart from working even harder.

When I told her that in my experience when business is working well it is actually quite effortless - money and opportuntiy flows in with huge abundance - she told me her father had always told her when she was growing up that 'you need to work hard to get anything in life'. So in effect it was her belief system keeping her trapped in her vicious circle.

I always say to people who come to me and are struggling in any way in business (or in life for that matter): stop fighting, relax a little, focus on the bits of the business that are working and go with whatever starts to flow.

This can take a bit of a leap of faith - but the Universe is far more powerful at delivering than you or I, so why not have some faith and let it take some of the strain?

hani said...

I totally agree, the feeling and believing are so important. Easy to find things that inspire and give you goose bumps if you look, whether it is a beautiful scene in a certain light framed by a large window, colours and shapes in the sky at sunset, it could be the work people do or the things they say that can move and inspire.
There is no shortage of beauty and wonder in the world but if you go looking for the opposite you will find that in abundance too.
Whenever the negative makes it way to you, just mentally bundle it up in bag, drop it out of the window, look ahead and keep moving forward. Ok I'll shut up now!!

Stephen said...

I myself have always been too willing to please. Too willing to give away too much of myself for little return.

When i stopped giving myself away - people started phoning me up wanting me to help them.

When i go out of my way to help, people don't want to know.

How about that for the law of attraction. Weird.

hani said...

many people,like Rachael, absolutley believe that in order to receive, you have to give. You can see that in the big things and the small things, that is not the same as giving so much of yourself away that there is little of you left and besides what you are worth in your own mind is what is important. I heard a radio interview with Diane Abbott recently, one of her teachers at grammer school told her she didn't think she was suitable material for Cambridge, Diane Abbott replied 'But I do, and that is what matters'

Rachel Elnaugh said...


I think it is all about how much you value yourself... I have given a lot in the past for free, and although it was taken - every time - it was not respected.

Hence I toughened up; I became very strict about what I was worth and was not afraid of asserting that and being very clear on what terms I would get involved.

That does not mean I don't do anything for free any more - I do a lot - but where I charge I am very clear and it actually makes for a far better working relationship!

The value you place on yourself is a big factor in how much £££ you will attract !!!

Anonymous said...

We can all be positive in thought and ways, but if that is not reciprocated then that is all lost. I to give for free, but isn't it funny that when you want some help there never seems to be any one about!!

Stephen said...

Rachel, I believe that many people get lost in intellectual models that they create to maintain some semblence of self.

In others words, we make things up about ourself, we play to the audience, we invent concepts to satisfy our desire to maintain our essential identity and to create new high performance personas.

The self, the personality, the brand, the reputation and the style are all illusory artefacts that we use to prevent us from being scared. Scared that we may be alone. That we may have no real purpose. No real identity.

I believe that the "quality of vibration" that business gurus speak of relates to the intended attraction of material things within the material universe.

Where "quality of vibration" was always a sacred faculty relating to the impersonal freeing of the spirit from the material world. A spirit which is now hopelelessly centred on the illusory self and its numerous materialistic distrations.

The question is not how do we establish "Quality of Vibration", but are we establishing quality to satisfy the cravings of self. Or are we freeing the mind from the illusory world in order to serve others more effectively.

Peter J said...

Would love to buy a signed copy of your book. Any plans to make it available payable through Visa cards or banktransfer? I dont use checks and live in Sweden, so not fond of sending checks overseas anyway. Admire you by the way :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Peter J,

Dont bother Admiring a failure.
She is ego-centric and goes on and on about "Alpha male" it is a joke.

Stephen said...

No, you are a joke anonymous.

You don't even have the balls to put your name to a blog. Let alone pioneer a multi-million pound market sector.

She'd eat you for breakfast.

You are a thick, facecious scardy cat.

Bud said...

Gotta agree with Stephan i'm afraid. Quality Vibration is a spiritual freeing, nothing at all to do with positioning yourself for material wealth.


Anonymous said...

Must agree with Bud there (not just because he sounds American).

People want to take a look at themselves when it comes to equating "Quality of Vibration" with financial health.

People need to take notice of what just happened with that poor rich family where the father seems to have destroyed the last remants of the fragile world they created through ambition and greed.

I def agree that quality vibration is something more profound than Rachel seems to understand.

Sue P.

Rachel Elnaugh said...

Hey Sue P

That 'poor rich family' were by all reports a 'poor poor family' and I suspect the reason the father did it was through utter shame, the kind of shame perpetuated by the likes of anonymous above who sit on the sidelines and slag others off as 'failures', presumably never having really attempted to achieve much in their own life.

How comforting it must be when you are mediocre to see others fail through trying to strive for greatness - it must make your mediocre world seem all the more validated!

It is such a shame that the construction of our society sucks people in the wrong direction.

Peter J said...

Anonymous - I'd rather try, succeed, fail and then come back again, then sit and point out other peoples faults and doing nothing with my life.

If you dont try, you cant fail. That does not make you a person without fault, only a person with no curage, drive and ambition.

Anonymous said...

I think you missed the point Peter J.

What bud and stephen above were talking about was that you should not define the quality of vibration on material wealth alone. That is a fools paradise.

Peter J said...

Anonymous - sorry no, i think you missed the point, i was responding to another Anonymous user saying to me "Dont bother Admiring a failure".

I dont admire a failure, i admire Rachel Elnaugh, far from a failure

Rachel Elnaugh said...

Just to clarify I don't equate 'quality of vibration' purely with financial health; I think if you keep your vibration pure and positive and high it attracts all kinds of abundance - great health, happy loving relationships, creativity, spiritual fulfillment, and yes, money if that is what you desire.

Stephen said...

Sue P, i just read your message saying Rachel doesn't understand about quality vibration. If you (actually take the care) to read this post, you might just think differently about her.