Thursday, 7 August 2008

The Million Makers

In my new capacity as Ambassador for The Prince's Trust I was proud to be asked to Chair a 'Million Makers' event for them last Friday - a brilliantly innovative idea where companies create enterprising teams who are awarded £3,000 seed funding and are challenged to turn it into £20,000. 50 teams across the UK are expected to take part with the total result that £1million will be raised to help The Prince's Trust support more young people to get into business.

Our Dragons' Den style panel gave really helpful and positive feedback to three fantastic teams from Flogas, RBS and SpecSavers - here I am with my co-Dragons from left to right Colin Walton (Chairman of Bombardier), Brian Kingsley (Director, Specsavers), Paddy Kilmartin (CEO Flogas), Liz Smith (Regional Director, RBS), Nic Hanlon (Associate Director, RBS) and Darryn Hedges (CEO, Bridge McFarland), together with Mir Juma (Regional Director, The Prince's Trust).


Leona said...

Looks like fun!

Anonymous said...

Our Fujitsu team is taking part in this challenge as well. One of our fundraises is

How it works: The homepage is made up of a million pixels which are grouped into grid cells (squares). Each grid square is up for sale at just £2 each. The idea is that individuals or businesses purchase grid squares and place an image, logo or brand over the purchased region. The purchased region can be hyperlinked directly to the individuals personal or company website. Its like click advertising, but you only pay a low price once. tracks the number of clicks made to purchased regions, giving an accurate indication of referrals from the site. Win Win for all.

Although my team is southside, I'm a local East Midlander as well and Rachels support to any team and The Prince's Trust in general is fantastic. Good to read.

Thank you Mudassir.