Monday, 18 August 2008


There are moments in life where everything feels so perfect that you can't help sitting and relishing the wonderfulness of the moment... Those moments can be as simple as sitting in the garden watching the children play or sitting on the verandah of a 5* hotel enjoying the warm breeze and a cool spritzer.

Today I am revisiting one of my now favourite books (which arrived into my life directly as a result of a comment on this blog)- Ask and It Is Given by Esther Hicks. It has reminded me that the source of the Universe is a stream of well-being and joy, available to everyone to the extent that they allow it...

It has also reminded me that the most powerful gift you can give yourself is to fully experience the delicious joy of the moment, and in that moment you have the absolute power to shape your destiny.

Enjoy the moment!


Anonymous said...

I agree completely.

I had such a moment today, picking and eating raw peas in the garden in a soft gentle rain. Magic.


Anonymous said...

I get these moments, particuarly while sitting on the Mosel under the vines drinking gorgeous white wine, unfortunately these moments do not last, but at least one can be with ones self and contemplate in peace and tranquility how life should be, happy, social and loving, and then we come back to the real world, what a shame!!


Stephen said...

I have found that the past and the future are illusions and that there is only the moment of NOW.

Time is an illusion. There is only the moment of NOW.

Duality is an illusion. There is no truth or untruth. Positive or negative. Ugly or Beautiful. Success or failure. Right or Wrong. All illusions.

There in only love.

Love in the NOW.

Keep doing LOVE in the NOW. Everything else is just noise.
Share that message with empathy AND compassion. That is all you need to be at peace and to cause others to be at peace.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous C, you should be a poet!!

Rachel Elnaugh said...

I agree with Stephen; there is only the 'now'; the quality of your vibration in the 'now' creates your point of attraction I I I agree with Stephen, the experience of 'now' is everything, as it shapes your for experience in the future...

There is no such thing as 'going back to the real world' there is only YOUR world which is the world you have created according to your previous quality of vibration.

To change your world, you need to change your vibration and the best way to do that is to envisage a new future containing every delicious thing imaginable in it! Simply enjoying the visualization of that new world is enough to start attracting it to you!

Anonymous said...

I may be wrong, but this sounds like,
'Neuro-linguistic programming' to me.

Stephen said...

There is no being or doing.

Human being or human doing?

To be is to try to be. To do is to try to do. All require intended movement in time and space. Time and space are illusions.

We are not 'be' or 'do' - we just 'are'.

Under such stable conditions - great brands can be made manifest. A true reflection of the character of their creator.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Rachel/Steve, tried this on regular occasions but always seem to go back to square 1 again, only to start over again. Easier said than done I guess!!

Stephen said...

TheDlog, i believe that we all have greatness within us. But for most, life is about being and/or doing.

Whilst we struggle to be what we tell ourselves - or what others expect us to be. Whilst we struggle to do what we tell ourselves to do - or what others expect us to do - we robe ourself of the ability to experience who we truly are. And in turn we end up robing ourself of the ability to build truly great brands that are a reflection of what we really mean.

How sad is that?

Taylor said...

Hi Rachel,
This is not a comment to this particular blog, but I am a young woman in one of the midwest States who get access to BBC only through my one channel out of the 900 on my cable network. My boyfriend and I started watching Dragon's Den a few months ago, and try to watch it every week. We always enjoyed what you had to say the most and it was very encouraging to me to see a woman taking men head on in the business world. When I got online to check out more information, I discovered that the American television was only airing the first season of Dragon's Den, so I was actually about 5 years behind! It bummed me out to see that after the 2nd season you were no longer on there and therefore will not be watching it. When I read the blogs and other info online about the events that have happened since then, I only wish we in the states could have been more up to date. I'm only 21 so I have no experienced advice, but good luck and you are an inspiration to me!

Rachel Elnaugh said...

Hi Taylor

Thanks very much for your comment - posting positive remarks on my Blog is very much a form of gratitude! Yes Dragons Den was a long time ago for me so it's great to now be getting fan mail from the US, I receive an email every day or two...



Ken said...


I loathe Dragon's Den, and the only 'Dragon' I respected was Doug Richard, precisely because he saw it for the absurdity that it was.

It gives entrepreneurship a bad name, not because of the rudeness or the put-downs, but because it treats it as a joke.

I think it speaks volumes about the way entrepreneurs are regarded in the US that there isn't a US version of Dragon's Den, and that the format originated from Japan, which gave us that sadistic gameshow, Endurance.

I'm disappointed that Dragon's Den being shown on BBC America, but then again, BBC Worldwide channels show the worst of British.

It was, and is, utterly puerile, and no serious person in business should consider being on it. Peter Jones is just trying to be Simon Cowell of the business world.

That reminds me of an Aussie joke about entrepreneurs.

A woman comes across a frog in her garden. To her amazement, the frog starts talking.

"Hello darling!" the frog says "If you kiss me, I'll turn into a handsome entrepreneur!" The woman says "You must be kidding! Have you any idea how much talking frogs are worth?"

Somebody should turn Peter Jones into an Aussie cane toad - the Aussies kill 'em off for fun.

Rachel Elnaugh said...


You really SHOULD get the Esther Hicks book I mentioned...

Even though you may believe that the things you LOATHE are external, they represent a vibration within you which is a long way from joy/empowerment/gratitude - as such you are holding a resistance within you (anger?) which will stop your flow of well-being.

Read the book and you will see what I am saying... The things we criticise are always things we secretly despise about ourself.

Rachel Elnaugh said...


You really SHOULD get the Esther Hicks book I mentioned...

Even though you may believe that the things you LOATHE are external, they represent a vibration within you which is a long way from joy/empowerment/gratitude - as such you are holding a resistance within you (anger?) which will stop your flow of well-being.

Read the book and you will see what I am saying... The things we criticise are always things we secretly despise about ourself.

Bradley Chapman said...


I thought that this is an opportune moment to express my heartfelt thanks for all your help and support over the last few months with my business.

The words "Never Say Die" has resonated through my mind since we first met. I will never forget the time that you spent with me and the encouragement and guidance you offered - well i listened and it';s happening, thanks to you x x

Our new "Raw Entrepreneur" online digital magazine (which of course features yourself as well as some of our other members) has been well received and the Entrepreneur web site is growing... we will get there!

I just wanted to say that last night i watched my two beautiful girls sleeping, which made me cry!

Those are the moments....

They say that some people touch you and leave a temporary mark while others can touch you briefly and leave a mark forever....

Carpe Diem

Bradley Chapman - MD
Million Impossible Plc

stephen said...

I want to say how grateful i am to all the arseholes who turned me over down the years. It truly made me a better person.

And they are still truly arseholes!


Rachel Elnaugh said...

Yes Stephen you are totally right. Interesting to hear Mark Phelps (8 x Olympic gold medals swimmer) interviewed after the Olympics and say his English teacher at school told him he'd 'never be a success at anything'. If you have the right mindset these Jeremiahs can be the rocket fuel that propels you on to success even faster !!!

Sky said...

Hi Rachel

I'm doing some research for a contract I'm currently working on and came across your interview on cmypitch which I really enjoyed.

I can relate to the energy, vibrations and positivity you talk about which I've always 'unconsciously' shared. Although last year I lost my way and the stressed vibrations I was giving out took me on a downward spiral. It took a few chapters of The Secret (taking only what I needed from it) to remind me and ever since I've 'consciously' noticed that just feeling positive really helps drive and bring it back. It really is about enjoying and making the most if now.

I'm grateful my research has brought me to you and I'll be ordering the Esther Hicks book for further insight.

I'd very much like to know who or what inspires you and whether this/there is a common theme, in terms of inspiration for SME's.

I mainly just wanted to say thank you as you've been an inspiration - I would love to have a business of my own and now just need to figure out what it is that I have to offer!


Anonymous said...

Hi Rachel,

I must say I don't really agree with much that Boris says but this seemed pretty bang-on:

Rachel Elnaugh said...

It's odd because I saw that article and was pretty annoyed with Boris. I later met him in the green room at the Conservative Party Conference in Autumn 2006 (I was doing a Dragons Den style policy panel with Anne Widdecombe and various other Tory 'stars')...

I actually found him to be totally charming and he had the most amazing positive vibration - charisma would be another word.

It's not hard to see how he won over London. Positive people attract great things.

For what it's worth I actually agree that the current system of being able to phoenix companies/wipe debt overnight is being very much abused and yes that the laws do need to be corrected.

I would also like to say that the decision to put RLD into administration was not one made lightly by someone trying to flip a company. Don't forget this was a business I built from nothing 16 years earlier to a £18million turnover business which traded very successfully and profitably for well over a decade before it fell into problems...

Mrs Conafray may have lost £750; I lost 16 years investment of time plus every penny I invested over the years to create that business.

I would also add that if directors did not have the protection of limited liability there would be far fewer businesses creating wealth and jobs in the UK.