Saturday, 21 June 2008

New Masterclass Dates

Following this week's successful event at the wonderful state-of-the-art new training facility at the British Library Business & IP Centre, I have now added two new dates for my Entrepreneurial Masterclasses on Thursday 11 September and Thursday 23 October - full details are on my website.


Anonymous said...

You need to address why your own venture failed so badly, and then you own place in the Den was so vividly removed.

The Den gave you a public face, so you need to answer unsaid but asked - privately and introspectively - questions about that matter.

You often berated candidates in the Den, as did the other investors, deriding their projections. Clearly, as we now know your own projections for your own business were wrong and you failed; I think you need to comment about the matter of projections and derision.

Rachel Elnaugh said...

I already have, in detail in my book Business Nightmares released last month. At all good bookshops and yours for only £17.99 !


Anne Herbert said...

Anonymous -

Rachel does not have to do anything of the sort and if you really want to find out try reading her book. We really ought to stop judging people by their so called failures and try learning more from them.

Personally, I would rather walk through a mine field with a one legged person than hold the hand of some cocky git who only thinks they know the way...

Running a business is tough - every one knows that and anyone who is doing successfully now will tell you of the times when they were not quite so successful. Shall we consign them to the scrap heap?

"He gains wisdom in a happy way who gains it by anothers experience"

I would like to think at least that in making assumptions about Rachel's so called failure you do not make the same ones yourself. Lets quit take logs out of people's eyes when we have such massive beams in our own.

To anyone who has ever 'failed' in business and is trying again - I say a massive 'RESPECT!'