Saturday, 28 June 2008

Amazing Piece of Synchronicity!

If you follow my Blog you'll know I am fascinated by the 'Law of Attraction'.

Yesterday I experienced an amazing example of it...

About a month ago I received an email from a guy called Paul Avins who'd read my book Business Nightmares, thought it was great and wanted to send me a book on the Law of Attraction as a thank you for writing it.

The book duly arrived, I read it, thought it was fabulous and sent Paul an email to the address on his compliment slip to thank him. The email bounced back, so I left the compliment slip on my desk with the thought 'I must find a way to thank him'.

(Of course, logically, that meant when I got a moment to look up the original email or visit his website for a different contact address. However, when you send a message of pure intent to the Universe it will always find the most elegant way of bringing you your request.)

Anyway, there the compliment slip sat, not really at the top of my priority list, but still to be dealt with at some point.

Yesterday I had a free invitation to go along to a Christopher Howard event; I almost decided not to go, but then decided I really should make the effort... I arrived about 20 minutes late, went to the VIP check in desk, and who should arrive immediately next to me, also apologising for being late, was a guy saying his name was Paul Avins!

I didn't immediately make the connection, but said to him I'm sure I've heard your name from somewhere? To which he replied 'I'm the one who sent you the book'!

Wow, I said, that's amazing! I have your compliment slip on my desk, your email address wasn't working and I've been wanting to find a way to thank you!

There were about 2,000 people at this event, the place was 99% full when I arrived, so the chances of meeting this guy at that exact moment were slim to say the least.

One other spooky aspect was that for the second exercise of the day where you had to pick a partner, I chose Paul. The purpose was to share our life goals - and strangely enough on a professional level our goals turned out to be almost identically the same.

This thing is incredibly powerful!

To me the Law of Attraction is an incredibly interesting area - and I'd really like to hear about your experiences of how synchronicity has also manifested in your life.

Enjoy your weekend!


MrRobot said...

It is true that this synchronicity exists everywhere. How can it not? - we are not separate entities as our minds would have us believe. We are in fact sparks of the infinite one.

Everything is connected to everything. It is only fear and ignorance that creates the illusion of separation.

Where love pervades, synchronicity is everywhere and surprises no one.

Hallucinagenic drugs, NLP programming and other black magic tricks are not necessary in order
to become aware of this synchroncity.

It is everywhere - if you are truly in love with the infinite one.

Anonymous said...

Is life not synchronicity in it's self?!

MrRobot said...

Yes, that should be true for all of us.

But, where the soul suffers trauma, synchronicity just never occurs.

Or in other words, synchronicity never becomes apparent to that particular individual.

To that individual everything, everyplace, everyone is a deterministic consequence of a prior event.

Where the soul is set free from the bonds of trauma, love pervades all perspectives, all behaviour, all action and that person becomes receptive and "at one" with a lifetime of sychronicity.

Rachel Elnaugh said...

Here's my view...

We live in a society where we believe we need to 'make things happen' - lots of strategic planning, action plans, timetables and generally pushing to get what we want. Or rather what we think we want.

I think the difference comes when you 'find flow', and focus on a specific aim which is aligned with your soul. It is about finding your life path and once you have set that intent going with the energy in a very natural way.

Since the Windsor Castle event (see earlier Blog post) which looking back seemed to be an opening of an energy channel, lots of amazing things have happened. I have learned to try not to question, to go with it and to keep my vibration at as high a level as possible.

When results come they are almost effortless - all you then need to do is go with the opportunities as they arise.

Times when the process 'cut out' were times of anger/frustration; the times it cut back in were when I got back to a place of joy/empowerment/optimism.

In short, I think beautiful synchronicity is available to all of us, but to access it you need to raise your level of vibration.

When you are vibrating at base levels of fear/anger you only end up attracting even more negative experiences thus perpetuating the cycle.

hani said...

How reassuring to hear you express views that mean so much to me as well. I couldn't improve on the way these views have been expressed, but I absolutely agree with you. Thanks

L said...

You may want to have a look at the 'The Secret' the basis of this book/audio CD/DVD is how to use the law of attraction to your best advantage. It has worked so far for traffic lights, parking spaces, taxis, an unexpected cheque in the post and Bon Jovi singing an unscheduled song in a surprise second encore (apparently they haven't done this since 1993). Now I am working on £250,000 I will let you know what happens :)

MrRobot said...

Not sure if anybody has heard of EFT (emotional freedom technique) but it raises your vibration levels and shifts your energies to improve attraction.

here is a video from a very strange lady...

Rachel Elnaugh said...

I said:
If you liked The Secret you should get hold of 'aSk and it is Given' by Esther Hicks. This book was recommended to me elsewhere on this blog and it gives everything much more clarity and depth than The Secret. I also think we should think carefully before trivializing the power; it has more impact when used for the collective good and especially in the form of prayer to send help to others.

When asking for things for yourself be sure to add 'for the highest good of all concerned'. For example a lady I met asked to change her car for a better one and ended up in a car crash which wrote the old one off.


MrRobot said...

I was born with the law of attraction programmed into me. I made my money before i was 35 and then for one reason or another i lost focus and now (at 44) the law of attraction escapes me. So now i have to relearn what i somehow knew before.

Perhaps we are only allowed to be attractive for so long in our lives?

Or perhaps we need to learn not to be attractive for a time.

No, i don't think so. But its like Disney land. Once you've been there once, the second time is never so "attractive".

Ian Blackburn said...

Another book that is along similar lines and quite inspirational is "the lazy man's way to riches" - not sure if it still in print though...

Leona said...

Thank you I will certainly get that book and take your advice. I was simply practising with the small stuff as I am not quite sure what I am doing yet. However, my long term plan when I am successful enough to have the money spare and the free time, is to set up an enterprise charity over in Africa something along the lines of the micro loans system but with a more supportive business base so I will ask with that in mind.

Anonymous said...

Every one at some stage in life loses the "law of attraction" as yu say, but eventually it comes back. It is like when everything that you are trying to do just does not happen and you begin to tell yourself that you are beginning to fail at what you once aspired in, start to think positive again and things happen. If you believe in yourself and persist great things come, sometimes it is matter of getting that inspiration from some one else who you trust in, they give you the will. But I still believe everything happens for a reason!

Chaps said...

Here's a piece of of my clients invites me to an Institute of Directors Dinner, informs me that a certain Rachel Elnaugh will be speaking, I (shamefully, sorry) have to Google her, and find out she lives in me!

Want a lift?

Oh and Ian Blackburn - your comment is really funny - "The Lazy Man's Way to Riches" - "not sure if it's still in print"?! Says it all really... now I really must do some work...

Rachel Elnaugh said...

Hi Chaps

Yes that is synchronicity indeed...

Yes I'd love a lift thank you very much. If you email me and reveal your identity (so I know you're not a stalker) we can liaise.