Saturday, 21 June 2008

Apocalypse 2012

I really don't wish to worry anyone, but in just the past few weeks I have been alerted by four completely separate and random sources about an apocalyptic event which is due to take place in 2012.

As you may know from my earlier posts, many strange and synchronistic events are happening in my own life at the moment, and experience has taught me that these events cannot always be considered to be coincidences!

Further research suggests this Apocalypse was originally prophesied by the Mayans, the exact date being 20 December 2012... The ending of a 26,000 year cycle.

There is a mix of opinion as to what will actually take place; certainly a breakdown in financial markets, possibly the catastrophic effects of climate change, a shift in human consciousness, even a comet colliding with Earth.

Naturally there will be the usual cynical readers of my Blog who will think that this is a load of poppycock - I'm not really interested in hearing from them on the subject; however, what would be great is to receive any insights from the more enlightened visitors to my Blog about this 'event'.

It would seem to me that already processes are starting to take place to help us to prepare and I am contemplating what else needs to be done to accelerate that preparation.


julesbrad said...

A Wikipedia article at will give some background info.
I see it as just like our New Years celebration. We celebrate New Years Day every 365 days but the Mayan calendar lasts the equivalent of 395 YEARS of our calendar - I'm sure after that length of time they would celerate a new year (which starts on Dec 21 2012) with a party to end all parties.
It is also the start of the 13th Mayan year - maybe that is where the superstitian of 13 came from.

Something else from the wiki article :-
"The GMT correlation establishes that the creation date occurred on 3114 BCE September 6 (Julian Calendar)"
My name is Julian and I was born on Sept 6th

Rachel Elnaugh said...



Steve said...

I thought you were talking about The Olympics coming to London for a moment Rachel!!

Stephen (MrRobot) said...

Escapism and false prophesy are luxuries of the bored and unterrified.

Robert said...

We have a whole bunch of folk discussing 2012 at - you'd be a welcome addition to our brains trust Rachel.

Anonymous said...

Forget global warming this is just a natural occurence of the world, not something we have created, the government just want another excuse to raise tax's and fleece the motorist. 2012 could be the full scale ww3, it will come, now is just the beginning. Trust me on this one, watch out for the Russians as they are still a power to be reckoned with!

Darren said...

You want insights from the more enlightened visitors?

Come on now Rachel, don’t be so absurd.

I shan’t discuss, or try to engage you on the matter at hand, who am I do tell you what to believe?

That being said, however, surely you don’t mean to suggest that only an enlightened person would believe such events were nigh, or that those that don’t believe so are not enlightened?

Would it not be a better angle, to approach it as – “I’d only like to hear from people who will engage thoughtfully and not dismissively, on the matter”? Which side of the fence someone sits shouldn’t forbid them of the opportunity to get involved in the decision.

I’m not offended by being told I’m not an enlightened individual, though I do feel it’s worth pointing out that by your statement suggesting I’m not; by merely categorising my beliefs and not knowing me – is in itself slightly off what one might suggest as enlightened.

Rachel Elnaugh said...


I guess I should have said 'spiritually enlightened', this in my experience is someone who vibrates at a higher level of consciousness and would therefore have a greater awareness/intuition about such matters.

Meanwhile those who are still in the 'darkness' (people who leave cynical and angry comments on people's Blogs for example) probably wouldn't have anything meaningful to add to the conversation.

ian said...

2012- Re julesbrad post. The reason the number 13 is considered "unlucky" is because it was on Friday 13th that Jaques Molay the head of the Knights Templar was arrested and the Templar order disbanded. (it didnt disband just went underground as I can attest from personal experience and is still active to this day)Another theory is that in some Christian traditions Judas was the 13th apostle to sit at the table. Numbers are the building blocks of creation, in the Hebrew alphabet (aleph beth) there are 22 numbers, each number has various associations, in Kabbalah (Jewish Mysticism, but NOT of the Kind Maddona is involved with) numbers are studied in great depth, 2012 in itself has "hidden" meaning. It would take too long on this blog to go into the detail and meanings.So, whats going to happen? I guarantee a world wide economic crash, a raising in vibration of the planet earth will lead to our individual vibration being raised. Its happening now for those that "have eyes to see". The whole of creation is based on cycles, if you look hard enough all the evidence is there to see. Ian

ian said...
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ian said...

Oh well here goes...
“A secret of secrets for those who know wisdom: the moment these letters came forth, secretly circling as one, a spark flashed out to engrave. A flowing measure extended ten cubits on this side, and out shot comets inside comets, seventy-one. Sparks burst into flashes, up high and down below, then quieted down and rose up high, beyond, beyond. The flow measured out ten cubits on the other side, and comets shot out in colours like before and so on every side.
The spark expanded, whirling, round and round, sparks burst into flashes and rose high above. The heavens blazed with all their powers; everything flashed and sparked as one. Then the spark turned from the side of the south and outlined a curve from there to the east and from the east to the north. Until it had circled back to the south, as before. Then the spark swirled, disappearing; comets and flashes dimmed. Now they came forth, these carved, flaming letters flashing like gold when it dazzles. Like a craftsman smelting silver and gold: when he takes them out of the blazing fire all is bright and pure; so the letters came forth, pure and bright from the flowing measure of the spark. Therefore it is written: “The Word of YHVH is refined”. (Psalms 18:31). As silver and gold are refined”.
When these letters came forth, they were all refined, carved, precisely, sparkling, flashing. All of Israel saw the letters flying through space in every direction, engraving on the tablets of stone”.
This marvellous description taken from The Zohar describes how GOD formed creation from the letters of the Hebrew alphabet (aleph-beis).
The Sefer Yitzirah says that the twenty-two sounds and letters of the alphabet are the foundation of ALL things. The letters are further divided into three mothers Aleph, Mem, Shin, seven doubles; Beth, Gimmel, Daleth, Caph, Pe, Resh and Tau. And twelve simples; He, Vau, Zayin, Cheth, Teth, Yod, Lamed, Nun, samekh, Ayin, Tzaddi, and Qoph.
The three mother letters form a holy trinity from which proceed everything in this world. The Mem and Shin are opposing forces balanced by the Aleph. They represent air, fire and water. Each of the 22 Hebrew letters have various associations, they represent archetypes and different states of consciousness as well as vibratory energy.

The Sefer Yitzirah also states that the number associated with the letters could be used to permute the Tetragrammaton (the four letter name of GOD YHVH) to induce mystical states of consciousness.
In the book of Genesis the word is the holy power by which GOD creates the world. The three primordial letters of creation are Aleph/Air, Mem/Water, and Shin/Fire. They are said to contain the elements connected with the breath. In their manifest forms they act as channels that sustain the universe and creation, look upon them as the building blocks, the DNA if you like of life. Every single created thing is made up as the sub-atomic level from the Holy letters. By meditating on the letters you unite with creation, although they are a written language they are energy, building blocks that induce change, create, and unify the spirit.
The 22 letters are also associated with the 22 Trumps or Major arcane cards of the Tarot deck, and also with the individual Sephira and paths of the Tree of Life. They act as a map leading to different levels of existence and consciousness. There are various Kabbalistic techniques that use the letters either singularly or in Holy names as meditation points.
Phew thats it for now :-)

ZCT said...

Sorry to be 'skeptical' here and 'unenlightened' but the same kind of comments were made about the year 2000. Y2K? Remember? The end of the world has been predicted for thousands of years. According to the Bible even Jesus said that the world would end within the life time of the people he was preaching to. Now they are all dead.

If even Jesus couldn't get it right, I see no reason to add any credence to this end of world prophesy.