Friday, 21 September 2007

Rudderless Ships

I was amused to receive the following feedback to my free Entrepreneurial Profile Test this morning:

"Dear Rachel,

I took your interesting test to see what kind of 'entrepreneur' I am and was labelled a 'Dadpreneur' (ouch!).

Although I'm not entirely sure whether this is perjorative, it is probably a fair reflection of my answers to the questions you posed. Clearly this is a very crude form of personality testing, or psychological profiling which is quite a good game but that is all it should be - harmless fun.

However, I sometimes feel that this type of profiling, like horoscopes, can be a self-fulfilling
prophecy. Sensitive types might actually believe that they are an 'ultrapreneur' just as they might believe what they read in the Sun newspaper daily horoscope. We are a race of believers. A lot of bullshit is talked about the 'choices' that people make in life dictating their circumstances. This is like the government banging on about that they want to provide 'choice' in schools, hospitals etc - it's pure baloney. There aren't any 'choices' in schools, hospital, government, job or any other thing you care to name.

It is mainly circumstance and luck that dictates how your life turns out. Most 'entrepreneurs' of all flavours take the only path that is immediately in front of them. Okay I grant you it is only those who have 'something about them' that succeed but that is true in all walks of life. There can only be one Pope, one David Beckham , one Alan Sugar. Speaking of Alan Sugar, from his words and attitudes on the Apprentice programme it seems to me that he is the most cautious, risk averse non-entrepreneurial person you could imagine.

I really don't think that we should be encouraging people to become 'entrepreneurs'. I am all for creating better businesses and better business people. More entrepreneurs does not mean a better economy or better businesses. Most businesses run by aspiring entrepreneurs (also known as crooks in my neck of the woods) are a total shambles!

Anyway, rant over!

Best wishes and good luck to you and all your entrepreneurial ventures.

Chris the Dadpreneur"

To which I have just replied:

"Hi Chris

Words which could only have been put together by a true 'Dadpreneur' I am afraid!

I agree some people float through life, rudderless, letting the tides take them wherever; others set our sails with direction and ambition, and despite stormy waters (provided we persevere) usually end up at our chosen destination.

That is why so few people actually end up making it - with everyone else looking on in envy, simply putting their success down to 'good luck'.

Your life, your choice!


Rachel "

I am actually quite glad there are so many people like Chris about - the 'I'll-never-be-successful-so-I-just-won't-bovver' brigade.

It so increases the chances of success for everyone who CAN be bothered to make the effort don't you think?


David said...

I agree with you 100% Rachel!

It amazes me the amount of people I see (not least some of my family!) who have this type of attitude to their life.

But like you, I'm glad it makes it a bit easier for the ones who can be bothered and realise that they are responsible for their own successes or failures!

Just as long as Mr "I really don't think that we should be encouraging people to become 'entrepreneurs'" doesnt bring us all down with him!

Beowulf said...

Hi Rachel,

I agree too...

We do have choices... circumstance does play a part but if your 'circumstance' is bad and you just say 'oh, well, it's meant to be this way' then you will never do anything about it.

We can either get up out of bed in the morning, or we can stay in bed and sleep! And do what dreamers do - dream! Those who choose to get up and make the effort, put the time in, and work to make money, usually make something of themselves. Those who stay in bed, sleep!

Yup, it's true, things can go wrong. You can get into debt, loose all your 'friends', your credit rating can take a hammering, loose your house. But you are doing it for yourself!