Monday, 10 September 2007

Tribute to Anita

I was in shock when I just heard the news over the radio that Anita Roddick died earlier tonight of a brain haemorrhage.

Put simply, she was the most iconic female entrepreneur Britain has ever seen. She inspired a whole generation of women - back in the days when I was a young City career girl in the 1980's - and despite all the progress women in business have made since, no female entrepreneur has even come close to achieving the same status.

She managed to be successful without compromising her femininity, and she was one of the first entrepreneurs to base her business on her passion for her product rather than the ruthless pursuit of money. Her passion for ethical, environmentally friendly trading was decades ahead of its time - in an era where the 'greed is good' alpha male mantra pervaded business at all levels.

She had great positive energy and determination, and in her later years used her fame and fortune for hugely positive ends to fight for human rights causes.

She was a brilliant role model, not just for women but for new age entrepreneurs everywhere, and she will be sadly missed.


Scott Barlow said...


Can i extend your tribute and comments, as a young entrepreneur myself Anita is somebody i have looked upto since becoming aware of business and enterprise at a young age.

She has touched so many lives and it is very sad to only see comments on her own site regarding Amnesty issues from the other day as she went about her everyday life.


My thoughts and prayers are with Anita's family.

A true entrepreneur and a true inspiration.


Anne Herbert said...

I never had the pleasure of meeting this wonderful woman but my life like many others has been touched by her uncompromising attitude to business, her tenacity, and above all her values. Anita was a great lady and her legacy will be with us for many many years. Congratulations and well done Anita. Entrepreneurs in the UK owe you a great deal.