Friday, 13 March 2009

Finding Your Flow

One of my latest speaking themes is about 'Finding Your Flow' and I've just completed fabulous events on this for the London HR Connection and the ladies of the East Midlands, both of which were incredibly well received.

Interestingly I've been asked to do a 2 hour workshop of the same title at this year's Mind Body Spirit Festival and you can now book tickets for this event for just £20.

During the workshop I'll be taking you through some practical exercises to help you reconnect with your passion and empower you to create an energised and abundant business. I'll also be teaching the secrets of Magnetic Marketing (these are extracts from my Entrepreneurial Masterclass) as well as techniques to increase your vibration to attract the right contacts and opportunities to achieve success.

It's on Thursday 21st May from 5pm to 7pm at the Royal Horticultural Halls in London SW1 and you can buy tickets via - but hurry as numbers are limited and MBS has just gone live with their marketing on the festival this week...

Look forward to seeing you there!




Anonymous said...

Sounds like money for old rope.

Magnetic marketing. Increase your vibration to attract contacts. Passion, empowerment, energy, abundance.

You must think we are from La, La land Rachel Elnaugh.

Just get out there amongst em and be relentless with your plan.

You don't need to spend good money on that baloney.

Anonymous said...

Ok anonymous, your already a Guru in this world, but there are many people out there who are unaware of the empowerment etc that they can create, and need a little help.

So why not give them the opportunity to receive the advisce for small fee, yes a small fee.

And besides, no one is forcing you to go. And when you are ready to divulge your wealth of knowledge to the uninsrtructed world, please do let us know, I am sure we will all turn up, for FREE.


Anonymous said...

Rachel, can you explain something to me please? Peter Jones boasts about his wealth and recently said Phones International Group Holdings Ltd made £5.4 million profit Technically it did BUT he does not own it. It is owned by Oval (2074) Limited which is therefore the ultimate holding company and holds a lot of the debt. Oval (2074) Limited made a GROUP profit of only £2.9 million. So the question is, is Peter cheating?

Rachel Elnaugh said...

As with all these things, I was invited to speak by the Festival organisers which I took to be a compliment, and accordingly I agreed.

Finding Your Flow may not be everyone's cup of tea but I am sure it will appeal to the Mind Body Spirit audience!

As regards Peter Jones I really don't know about his corporate structure/ownership/profitability so I could not comment. If he did make a group profit of £2.9million I would say that is still a very good result.