Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Merry Christmas

It's been a lovely week of wrapping pressies, putting the cards up around the house and last minute shopping.

And this year I've received many wonderful ecards from various diverse friends, all from a fabulous site - so many that I ended up signing up myself!

It's actually a brilliant business model - you pay a one-off annual subscription of c£6 for which you can send as many cards as you like whenever you want, and of course the more cards you send the more likely Jacquie is to attract additional subscribers.

Once up and running all she has to do is focus on creating great new cards - and her customers do all the marketing.

What a fantastic business!!!

Have a lovely Christmas.



hani said...

Thanks for that Rachel, Just had a look at Jackie's site, I really like the way she has set it up, it is friendly and approachable with some nice heart warming stories in there, and she has an impressive range of cards. What a good idea and why didn't I think of it!

Have a great Christmas Rachel

Stephen said...

Merry Christmas Rachel, family and all who sail (for rain, wind or shine)on this passionate little blog.

Anonymous said...

Yes great business model... good for bank merchant accounts, annual subscriptions are becoming a thing of the past because of bank bonds and retentions!!... Worst I saw ( no surprise there are barclays)

Happy christmas rachel