Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Jofli Bear

Great breakfast gig at Barnsley and well worth getting up at 5am for...

Here I am with Jofli Bear, a great gift concept, the bear with a travel log and scrap book which records where he's been and who he's met. Fabulous business idea!


Stephen said...

yea, nice idea. I'd like to see them lower the barriers to entry for those lil kids that have a Jofli bear already. Perhaps they should also consider selling the Jofli bear kit separate for all those other kinds of Jofli bear out there.

I do know that my own bear was never gonna get swapped out for just any old traveling bear. I mean - my bear had already traveled around the world half a dozen times before i had reached the age of 7.

just my 2 penny worth.

Anonymous said...

Great idea, I think I will mention this to a good friend of mine who has started a charity, link below, check it out.



Rachel Elnaugh said...

Apparently if you put in the code S08 when ordering you can get £5 off until 31 December.

I think you can buy the kit separately Stephen.


mike b said...

Hey dlog....I saw you lurking on UKBF

Pssst...Dont tell anyone, it was me that rang MissionI to tell them they were being talked about!!..even dear old Rachel gets a mention.

Oops. Did I use the word old?? definitely a freudian slip

Anonymous said...

Mike B, funny that cos I got a message to say they where being talked about and could I put my pennies worth in, so that is why, anyway if any one sl... off either Bradley (and his team) or Rachel, I will back them up 200%.

They are great people doing a great job.

Perhaps it's about time we got them into the Government, what you think?


Anonymous said...

I mean I will back up Brad/Team and Rachel, didn't sound quite right before did it!