Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Come and hear me speak tomorrow

Just to let you know I will be speaking at one of Nick Williams 'Inspired Entrepreneur' events in London tomorrow night - Weds 11 November at 7.15pm. Tickets cost £20 which includes a signed copy of my book Business Nightmares and you can get all the info and book at http://www.inspired-entrepreneur.com/Events/Passionate-Successful-Entrepreneur.aspx?ID=60

Hope to see you there!



Anonymous said...

Hello Rachel, sadly unable to come to your talk this evening. I would though love to join you in Rotherham! I had a call from the editor of Rotherham Advertiser today who is going to print my letter. He asked my point of view about what Rotherham could do, and as to whether other places are struggling in the same way. He, as do I, hopes/believes that you will be invited back to share your views on how Rotherham can move forward and shine. I said that Rotherham had lots to character and that it now had some amazing publicity that is can utelise as a major starting point from which to show just what this area has to offer. What type of local speciality food, history, crafts and skills. A friend rang me only yesterday to say, "where is Rotherham", now they know, as do many others thanks to you.

With all good wishes, Susanne

Rachel Elnaugh said...

Hi Susanne,

Funny, on Tuesday night I was up in Newcastle speaking to a group on businesswomen, Newcastle has had lots of focus/enterprise initiatives poured into it, met lots of amazing women doing mind blowing technological innovations, there was even a woman wiorking in shipbuilding with the vision to restore Britain as market leader in ship manufacture through innovation of Eco powered vessels. Of course Newcastle has a ship building heritage. I was blown away and it shows what can be done with focus and imagination.

I would be happy to be involved in the 'Rotherham Debate' !!!


Anonymous said...

Hello Rachel,

Isn’t it wonderful just how much great talent we have in this country! So much is being achieved, there are great opportunities to be had, some are living them out - for others they are bubbling under the surface waiting to be aired!

I have seen the comments about X Factor on your site, can’t comment because I don’t watch it, however because of comments on your site, the news and those offered by others, I do get to hear about it! It seems to cause quite a stir, especially in relation to its style and the way the contestants are treated. Sting is in the news today...

see link http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/entertainment/8355611.stm

...reportedly to have likened that X Factor to karaoke.

As we have said, we get what we look for and if we look for the golden nugget, the joy in every situation and the opportunities, this is what we find.

So sifting through the lines of the news item, I noted the following quote.

"The real shop floor for musical talent is pubs and clubs, that is where the original work is. But they are being closed down on a daily basis. It is impossible to put an act on in a pub.

"The music industry has been hugely important to England, bringing in millions. If anyone thinks the X Factor is going to do that, they are wrong."

So, looking on the positive side, it appears that X Factor does have its role to play! Why, because there is a myriad of good talent out there, people who don’t want to go onto X Factor, however they do want to pursue and fulfil their dreams of a life that involves creating and offering their music. X Factor gets people talking, it keeps music in the minds eye, it gives people the opportunity to say that they would do things a different way. It gets people thinking about how they ‘can’ make their mark.

What I saw in this piece was another subject that is close to my heart, that of the daily closure of our pubs, the places that Sting is quoted as calling “The real shop floor for music”. So how can we keep them open? Perhaps they needed a new lease of life, which many have had and are thriving as destination pubs with great local speciality foods and ales. Some cater for the community by way of incorporating the village shop and post office, even taking in dry cleaning!

So then, we could have a bright future ahead for the classic pub, the Jazz pub, the pub that rocks, the Golden Oldies pub, the list is endless, as is the talent that is out there waiting to perform in them.

An idea shared!

With all good wishes, Susanne