Sunday, 5 April 2009

Why we must kill old style Capitalism

Well that's a relief then, all the major countries get together and agree a fiscal stimulus package aimed at getting money moving and everyone spending again. So let's all relax and get back to our rampant consumerism of the past couple decades.

The only problem is - and what everyone has failed to notice or debate (except perhaps the City protestors) - is that this old style Capitalism is simply unsustainable - both financially and environmentally.

We simply cannot continue to plough on burning up the world's resources at the rate we are.

Has no one realised that the warnings we are being given - the ongoing evidence of global warming, not least today's reported crumbling of the ice shelf in Antartica, and the meltdown of the banking system - are signals that WE NEED TO CHANGE.

I am all in favour of enterprise and empowerment, but it needs to be conducted in a different style system which is much more collaborative and in harmony with all the world's people and the planet. Harmonism.

The 'much to few' old style Capitalism - driven by money power and greed - simply has to end. Before it is too late.


Anonymous said...

Global Warming is an issue, but we are in the 3rd Ice Age now, so, the world has been through this before and recovered, for had we not recovered we would not be here now.

With regard to the financial situation, yes, we are in deep s***, no one can deny that. It is time for the majority to stand up to the Alpha Governments and create a fair and peaceful world, where everyone can have a satisfying way of life, EQUALITY.

Those powerful Governments must stop pressuring others to follow them, and must accept each and countries ways and learn from one another, befriends with each other, not exploit the less fortunate.

NOW IS THE TIME for the real developement of peace and harmony, a time to rise up against the dictators of this world, the world belongs tro the people, NOT to the so called leaders of countries, the people must run the world, they must be the ones to say what is right and what is wrong.

POWER TO THE PEOPLE, they are the ones to bring normality back to this crumbling criminaly run world of ours.

Mr A Dragon said...

Is that you Stephen...?

What a load of old tosh..

Yes, I'm all for a fairer world and no more hunger, poverty etc..

But the fact is that capitalism is the best system we have. Yes, we have been royally screwed by the banking big wigs, but also every individual who has overstretched themselves on credit is partly to blame.

We can have consumerism, we can have capitalism, but it has to be better regulated and we all have to take some responsibility..

Love and Peace,


Anonymous said...

Mr A Dragon, my opinion is my opinion, it is not a load of old tosh, one must be respectful of others opinions. From your comment alone
'what a load of tosh' puts you in the same catagory as our infadelic Governments. Why can you not be respectful of others opinions, why must your comments always be the correct ones. It is that disrespectful attitude that has brought the world to it's knees, trying to force others to accept the ways of America and Great Britain, this is NOT the way to behave in society, we must cheerfully embrace each others ways and cultures.
It actually appears these days that the only countries not suffering, apart from India, are those Communist lands.
Through the greed of capitalism the majority of the world is crumbling before our very eyes.

Is it not time to join together, be respectful once again so as to breed harmony and peace.

PS: No it is not Stephen.

Rachel Elnaugh said...

Went to a business event yesterday on this very subject ...

They described China as the distillery and the US as the alcoholic. The US has run out of booze and China desperately has to get it drinking again.

In other words Capitalism only works when everyone is spending and consuming, question is what happens when all the resources are used up?

There is also a real threat at the moment of breakdown in world order - rise in crime, looting, violence.

Yes Planet Earth WILL survive - but will the human race?


Anonymous said...

Just to add to the doom & gloom, SORRY

'There is also a real threat at the moment of breakdown in world order - rise in crime, looting, violence'.

This has been predicted by Nostradamus.

I will dig out the link and post it here if anyone is interested.

Anonymous said...

Here's the link.

Do read it, it is most interesting!!

Mr A Dragon said...

"Mr A Dragon, my opinion is my opinion, it is not a load of old tosh, one must be respectful of others opinions."

Sorry, but it was tosh, thats my opinion, please respect it.

Every living thing on this planet is a consumer of one thing or another. The problem with us Humans is that we have taken this to a whole new level.

And over the last 10 years, consumerism has become an epidemic - agreed. The only way to curb this epedemic is to reduce tha availablity of what feeds it ie credit.

The fact that credit had become so easily available over the last 10 years and the lengths the banks went to to maintain their ability to give credit is what has got us to where we are now.

It's that simple and no tosh!


Anonymous said...

That is a load of tosh, and that's my opinion ha.

Opinion is opinion and that's fine, but to slate someone else' opinion as tosh is down right rude.

Rachel Elnaugh said...

A Dragon

Yes agreed it was driven by credit, the bubble has now burst, and the solution is...


Can't these governments see it's ultimately unsustainable?


Mr A Dragon said...


Well, I dont quite agree with you, in that the actual availability of credit has now gone the other way.

As you know, many businesses need credit to grow and it is very damaging to our economy when credit to business also dries up.

Banks hold a unique and in my opinion, too powerful position in our economy.

Government would never make massive increases to say corporation tax overnight, because it would have a negative effect on millions,however, banks are allowed to withdraw credit to businesses seemingly overnight.

Credit can be good, but like all things it can (and has) be misused.


Anonymous said...

According to Lloyds Bank, at a seminar the other night of which I went to, they reckon they have loads of money to 'give away', quite strange really when you think about, as in the World is in a recession, credit is being withdrawn, or should I say not easily available, yet they, Lloyds, have money to lend.

But the big question is Who's money is it really??

Anonymous said...

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