Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Lunch with DLOG

As you can imagine I get emails daily from people asking for my help and advice and I try to provide assistance where I can.

But just occasionally I get email bombardments asking for a one to one meeting so insistent and relentless that I occasionally succumb - usually if accompanied by the offer of lunch and a couple of glasses of white wine. And so it was today that I enjoyed lunch with an entrepreneur in the City and provided my insights on where to take his family business.

During the course of our conversation it became evident that the entrepreneur in question was none other than DLOG who regular followers of my blog will know is a regular comment maker.

I guess it just goes to show that persistence (one of the great traits of the entrepreneur) pays!


julesbrad said...

Can I have your help

Can I have your help

Can I have your help


get ready Rachel for lots of people to pester you now you have said it sometimes works

julesbrad said...

btw - on the first episode of new dragons den, did you notice how much air time they gave to mentioning RedLetterDays ?
Looks like PJ and Theo are after some free publicity.

Thought I'd mention it, cos if you had mentioned it, there seems to be people who come here who would have given you grief simply for mentioning RLD

Anonymous said...

And what a great honour it was, to be in the company of a wonderfully charismatic Lady, full of inspiration and motivation.
I hope this now puts your mind at rest Mr Ryan, now that Rachel knows who anonymous is!!!

(you never know I might even be promoted to SirDLOG HeeHee)

Stephen said...

Yes, well thats good because i was thinking you were one of those two morons that took over Rachels company and now present as if they built it.

I cannot imagine how hard it must be on their egos to know that whatever they do with it.

Rachel built it!!!!

I only say because i had a similar experience - but in my situation the morons ran it into the ground.

Its all good DLOG.

Anonymous said...

You see Stephen, all good things come to those who wait! I wonder if BX is still around.


Stephen said...

Entrepreneurs don't need hope DLOG or "all good things come to those who wait...etc". What they need is pure determination and focus on the money.

I made my money. Hope is for the birds. TODAY is where you should be making your money.

I don't wait for all good things.

hani said...

you don't sound like you are enjoying your success much, maybe you should let go of the ego and bitterness, it's nothing more than heavy baggage and surely can't bring you much joy. I'm sorry if I have misunderstood you.

Stephen said...

you got me about right Hani.

A real robot. But i have never felt more clearer about doing business in my life.

Perhaps its having this devil on my shoulder...

excellent psycho analysis Hani..

Stephen said...

Its not often these days you read something that influences entrepreneurial perspective for past, present and future.

Get this book guys.. It truly compliments Rachels Business Nightmare book.

Why Most Small Businesses Don't Work and What to Do About It