Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Caan Breathes New Life Into Stale Den

Couldn't help but tune into the new series of Dragons' Den last night, and I have to say I was very impressed with James Caan as the new Dragon in the line up. He was positive and fair to all the entrepreneurs who pitched, as well as being tough when he needed to be - as well as holding his own brilliantly with the other Dragons. A real professional, and a good choice on the part of the BBC who has breathed new life into what was becoming an increasingly stale format.

Glad also to see that Ms Meaden has at last invested a little of her wealth in a personal stylist and image makeover (miaow!). Her stone suit and tailored blonder haircut were so much more flattering and up to date than her previous navy pinstripe 'John Lewis Shop Assistant' ensemble.

But the highlight of the Show has to be Peter Jones' arrogant retort to the pair who were planning to launch a dating agency, and dared to invite him to use their service.

'I don't need a dating agency because I'm seriously good looking and wealthy' came Jones' reply.

Not because he already has a long suffering other half by whom he has had two children then...?

Good looking? Maybe. Wealthy? For the moment perhaps, yes. Attractive? Definitely no.


Beowulf said...

I like Peter. I see alot of him in me. But to make a statement like that doesn't do him any favours. It's always best to have a 'quiet confidence' regarding your looks and appearance, especially when you have been gifted with good looks. If he had just sat there, smiled a knowing smile, and said nothing, everyone would have said to themselves 'he doesn't need a dating agency'. Peter is not ugly, and yes, wealth does come and go. But arrogance is unbecoming in a wealthy person. The Queen, in my opinion, is a great role model for those who have wealth.

Furthermore, Peter's comment suggests that only ugly people use dating agencies. My experience is that alot of very attractive people use dating agencies. Dating agencies are a good way of breaking the ice.

GuyClapperton said...

To be fair, he was only responding off the cuff to someone who'd botched a presentation and then suggested he tried their dating agency. He may well have been aware his retort wasn't exactly scintillating but it probably felt a lot less of a big thing actually on the day than when it's selected for broadcast during the final edit.

I thought it was a good start last night, although I liked Richard Farleigh. The new guy seems a good listener, which is what the others are in danger of lacking (and once again I'm looking only at the final edit, not what actually goes on when they're doing it).

I do wish they'd be careful about when Evan Davies' voiceovers kick in. The dragons were about to explain something substantial last night and suddenly all you could hear was Davies' voice saying 'THEY'VE UPSET THE DRAGONS NOW...' etc.

I thought the quiff bloke in the kilt was the unintentional high spot...

justinlusty said...

This series is seriously putting women off raising finance and setting up their ventures. I should know. I have just completed interviewing 100 women entrepreneurs. What message does it send when all we see is humiliation. It is leading to thousands of underfunded businesses. I don't recall this aggression in the old days when Rachel was there. Or is it just rose tinted glasses on my part?

Any chance of a return Rachel?

Starting out is hard enough and seeing

Anonymous said...

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howtobuystock said...

I think the general public voted quite heartily on Peter Jones's attitude and demeanour, by giving Tycoon the lowest viewer ratings of any business show in recent times. And the ideas he picked for that show!! - not a good lasting business amongst them.

It is clear that most of the dragons present and old are not innovators: and do not relate well to innovation. Most have taken established business models and refined them (nothing wrong with that, except it does not qualify them to value innovation!!)

At least rachel created something new! not a gymn, a book store, a hotel, or a mobile phone co.

And yes , I like Caan, and Richard farleigh, and doug richards - and the sushi guy before him: But they dont last long on dragons den if they are not rude or arrogant.

And what about dear old theo getting well fleeced last night - wowed by the £ to be made of an affiliate program on gambling??? Theo to take a night class in emarketing me thinks to discover the shifting quick sand on which he has invested a fortune - whilst he leaves real businesses uninvested.

julesbrad said...

Totally agree with comments from 'howtobuystock'.

Maybe there should be a new program where all the ex-Dragons (who have really been the more considerate investors willing to give their constructive critisism rather than just simply criticising) come together to invest in businesses and also give business advice - could be called Angels' Den

Rachel Elnaugh said...

Many thanks for all your comments.

Yes I agree, there is a big gap on TV for a POSITIVE show on entrepreneurship - and if anyone from the BBC is reading I would love to be involved!

Not sure if we could call it Angel's Den though - given the new investors' website of the same name.