Tuesday, 3 July 2007

The Blog is Working...

Just as Steve Clayton Steve Clayton: Geek In Disguise promised (see first post 'Blog Virgin' below), the Blog seems to be starting to work...

Scott Barlow at UKpreneur http://www.ukpreneur.co.uk/222/does-rachel-elnaugh-have-a-husband/ thinks I am hot, wonders whether I have a husband (since when did that bother most men?) and has asked me for a date, while John Crickett at eCademy http://www.ecademy.com/node.php?id=86577 has taken exception to my Blog about Peter Jones' new 'Tycoon' show, posing the question 'Jones vs Elnaugh: Who Do You Think is the Better Entrepreneur?'

That last one is an interesting one John, and tells me instantly that you are an 'Alphapreneur' - one of those ghastly males that is always comparing dick size and wanting to know who is 'the best'. Take my free entrepreneurial profiling test at my own website http://www.rachelelnaugh.com/m_17.asp and tell me if I am right!

But it's an interesting question though - who IS the best?

How do you measure?

Is Tesco a 'better' supermarket than Waitrose?

Is The Sun a 'better' newspaper than The Big Issue?

Is Easyjet a 'better' airline than Cathay Pacific?

All comments are welcome.



Andy said...

Great to hear your getting value your blog!

You didn't say if you were going on the date ;-)

Steve said...

Rachel - glad to hear it's working though I didn't foresee you getting dates from it ;)

John said...


Did you actually read my full post on: http://www.businessopportunitiesandideas.co.uk/249/rachel-elnaugh-versus-peter-jones

The question is designed to provoke discussion. Discussion is what makes a blog interesting.